Study in Italy's Univer-City

Perugia is home to multiple prestigious universities and academies for the arts, having hosted young international academic communities for centuries.

Didactic Kitchen

This space allows students to explore cuisine through its history, culture, chemistry and more. Connecting food to the world of academia.


From smaller seminar rooms to the vast Aula Magna lecture hall, Umbra's extensive classroom space provides options for flexible scheduling and class sizes.


The library offers a vast collection of books and online resources for research purposes. Spaces allow for individual or group work, as well as more private tutoring areas.

Student Lounge

The lounge features space for students to work on group projects or relax with the take-a-book-leave-a-book shelf. A big-screen TV offers US channel options and the room provides a magnificent view of the plaza below.


All facilities are equipped with WiFi and students are able to print wirelessly. Faculty & staff are trained to provide additional resources to students through technology (ex. smartphone app, Moodle, etc.)

Umbra Garden

We're partnered with nearby Orto Sole to provide academic opportunities relative to sustainability and agriculture, but the space also allows for other co- and extra-curricular activities.


Central Location


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