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Preparing Your Application

If you are ready to apply, click the logo below that matches your program of choice to begin the application. If at any step you require assistance, do not hesitate to contact an admissions specialist by emailing us at [email protected] Please review the steps four steps below to ensure that you complete fully the application process.




Note: There are NO APPLICATION FEES and NO VISAS required for US or EU citizens for any of our programs. Scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid can only be considered once a complete application is submitted.


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Choose Your  Destination and Program


Find the destination and program that matches your academic and personal goals. Some things to consider would be: length of study, courses offered, teaching and learning styles, costs, excursions and course activities, the location.

Study Abroad Italy ISI Florence - Gelato Tasting


Complete the Online Application

Go to the top of this page to start the application. First, you’ll click on the logo that corresponds with your program of choice. Second, you’ll submit an online application (with no application fee) for your program and semester or summer abroad.





Contact Your Study Abroad Office

The study abroad office at your home institution will help you facilitate the course transfer process, provide additional details about financial aid, and more. You can contact the study abroad office directly or reach out to an ISI Abroad advisor and we’ll introduce you via email.

Are you not currently enrolled in a university? Contact an ISI Abroad advisor.


Complete the Post-Acceptance Checklist


Once you’ve been accepted to an ISI Abroad program, you’ll receive a Post-acceptance Checklist that provides you with information about the visa process (if applicable), flight arrangements, health insurance, and other topics that will prepare you for a successful experience abroad.


…and with that your application is complete.

Upon acceptance our admissions team will reach out to you
and assist with predeparture preparations.



This beautiful picture and these happy smiles show what the Service Learning project with is all about! As part of our Photography course, Umbra students have the opportunity to collaborate with the social co-operative Relegart which trains workers with special needs to make some amazing products, from handmade leather goods to handbound books. The photos taken together are meant to promote their innovative and meaningful creations. All goods are sold both at the RE.LEG.ART shop, located in Via Fausto Luciani, 31, 06132 Perugia, and online on the website:
Photo taken by student Joy Chen

Repost from @umbrainstitute