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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Do I need to speak Italian to study with ISI Abroad?

Nope, that’s not necessary. ISI Abroad offers a plethora of elective courses, across various disciplines, in English! While you will have the opportunity to take an Italian language course, most students enroll in Italian 101 while abroad (or, in the summer, choose not to study Italian at all). There are significant benefits to learning a new language, but not knowing the language will not impede your experience.

Do I have to be a college student to study with ISI Abroad?

Not necessarily. While our programs are designed for undergraduate students in the US university system, students and professionals from around the world* are welcome to enroll. All students must have a GPA of at least 2.75 and if they are not currently or recently enrolled in an education program, they may be asked to provide letters of recommendation to supplement their application materials.


ISI Abroad programs may also be a good idea for recent high school graduates (18 or older) interested in taking a few online or in-person courses before starting their university experience.


Internships are only available to university students (18 or older) or recent graduates.


*International students must be able to prove proficiency in English. 

What is Community Engagement?

Community Engagement is a way of integrating learners into their host community. This can be done through service-learning, community-based courses, seminar & practica, as well as internship and volunteer options. These opportunities are a great way for you to explore the local culture, develop cultural competencies, and, in many cases, gain valuable career experiences.

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Can I get transfer credits for my courses?

Yes, you can! Schools will often transfer ISI Abroad courses as either transfer or resident credit. However, each university transfers credits differently and it is up to you to ensure your home school will accept our courses. Some will ask you to go through the study abroad office, others will ask you to go through your university’s Registrar or your academic advisor. If you’re unsure, feel free to contact us and we’ll work with you and your advisor(s) to assist you through the course transfer process.

Does ISI Abroad work with students who require academic accommodations?

Absolutely! All students are entitled to a comfortable learning environment. As part of the application and pre-departure process, all students are asked to share if they require academic accommodations. Should you indicate a need in your pre-departure forms, your host Institute’s Registrar will contact you to discuss the best ways we can accommodate your specific needs.

However, if you have any particular concerns you would like to address prior to the application and pre-departure processes, you may always use our contact form to gain accommodation information prior to your application submission.

What courses do you have?

To view current course offerings, we encourage you to browse our students page and select the program option that most appeals to your academic interests. Each program description page includes a link to the most up-to-date course offerings and program activity descriptions available.

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Will I have time to travel?

Of course! Travel is an important aspect of study abroad so to help you balance your academic commitments with your independent excursions, ISI Abroad offers classes Monday through Thursday. You’ll want to wait to book your weekend adventures until after you start your program so that you can receive information about your course-related field trips and activities because these can sometimes take place on the weekend. However, once you settle in you’ll find that you have plenty of time to explore locally and throughout Europe!

Where will I live?

ISI Abroad programs are all centrally located in their host city and student apartments are all located walking distance from our Institutes. This makes it easy for students to not only get to class, but to also embrace the local lifestyle as they navigate community events and local attractions.

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