Perugia: Meet Our Work Study Students

October 14, 2022
Studying abroad can be a big financial burden, even after scholarships. So to help with that, ISI Abroad has started offering work-study positions for students in Florence and Perugia to help alleviate a bit more of the costs while they are here.  Wait, what is…
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Prepare Financially for Your Weekend Adventures

April 16, 2020
Budget! Budget! Budget!   Traveling every weekend, or even once a month, can really add up. It can be expensive to grab a bite to eat near a well-known tourist attraction. You’ll find that a lot of museums and other attractions have entrance fees and…
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Don’t Forget Your Host Country

Whether or not you can afford to travel every weekend, it is a good idea for you to plan to enjoy your host country. Not only can these trips be easier and more affordable, but they can help you embrace your host city and culture…
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Seasonal Travel: How to Plan for the Best

Regardless of where you plan to travel, you’ll find that festivals and even the availability of different sites will vary throughout the year. It is important to look into this before you book your trip!   Check when things are open You’ll find that Europe…
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