Partnership Opportunities for Businesses


When selecting ISI Abroad programs, students are choosing programs that will push them out of their comfort zone and engage them through hands-on learning experiences that immerse them in an unfamiliar culture. Naturally, this leads students to become personally more well-rounded and professionally more agile and engaged with soft and hard skills. This is recognized by a range of research, including that of NACE, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (learn more).


So what does this have to do with business partnerships?

ISI Abroad Students Think Locally…


While abroad, Architecture students visit construction sites, business
students consult for nearby companies, while art history students work in
local museums. ISI Abroad carefully designs each volunteer opportunity,
field trip, and community engagement project to complement our students’
career goals.


If your business or organization is located near one of our programs, we
invite you to reach out so that we can see how we can support your vision
while creating immersive learning opportunities for our students.

…and Act Globally


ISI Abroad students and their international experiences make a great
addition to any
team. Whether you are looking for corporate interns or
hoping to target a diverse and
creative talent pool for your start-up or non-
profit, ISI Abroad would be happy to
connect you with our alumni network.


Our alumni are scattered across the globe bringing their cultural fluency,
quick thinking, desire for life-long learning, and creative insight to a variety
of industries. If you have any job openings you would like to advertise to
them or would like to find
another way to collaborate contact us below.

How Would You Like to Collaborate?

Fill out the form below and you’ll be connected with our Institutional Relations team. They’ll be able to either discuss opportunities relative to our alumni or connect you with our on-site teams if you are seeking to work with us locally.